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Personalised Christmas Cookie Kit

Personalised Christmas Cookie Kit

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Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without some festive baking!

Why not treat yourself or some loved ones to some homemade sugar cookies, with a very special Christmas message.

Your Personalised Cookie Kit contains:
- Personalised Impression Stamp
- Your choice of a Bell or a Baubel Cookie Cutter
- A delicious 'No Spread' Christmas Cookie recipe
- A vial of magical reindeer food for sprinkling on Christmas Eve !

Impression Stamp:
The stamp in this kit is an 'impression' stamp which leaves your Christmas message 'impressed' on your cookie.

You can choose from either
"Thank You Santa from <name>"
"Merry Christmas from <name>"

Impression stamps are easy to use and are perfect for little hands who might like to say a special Thank You on Christmas Eve!

Cookie Cutter:
You have a choice of either a Christmas Baubel or Bell shaped Cookie Cutter.

No Spread Cookie Recipe:
We're including this no spread recipe becausewe know how tricky it can be to make cookies that don't spread!

This recipe will help you make the perfect Christmas sugar cookies that will leave your Christmas message beautifully imprinted and more importantantly also taste delicious!

Magical Reindeer Food:
This very special vial of magical reindeer food will guide Santa's sleigh to your house on Christmas Eve and refuel the reindeers for the rest of their journey around the world.

Important: Please enter either 'Bell' or 'Baubel' followed by the exact name required in the Personalisation box when ordering. Please note that only a single name can be used. 

If no cookie cutter preference is specified you will receive either a Bell or Baubel cutter. 

Designed and made in Galway, Ireland.

Stamp Size:
3mm thick

Colours may vary.

Made to order. Contact us for any other sizes, or for custom orders.

Can also be used for play-doh, clay, or soaps.

Made from food safe eco-friendly PLA plastic (biodgradable).

A non-raising agent cookie dough is recommended for best results if stamping directly into cookie.
Use icing sugar or cornflour to help avoid the dough or fondant sticking to your stamp.

HANDWASH ONLY in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.
NOT suitable for dishwasher use.

Minor imperfections may be visible on the stamp due to the nature of the 3D printing process.
This will not affect the function of the product.

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